Merchandising Licensing

The streng and popularity of the well-loved characters of Animation Internasional Ltd. Provides instant marketability for associated products.

As the sole licensor for the full range of our characters, we present a unique opportunity for manufacturers and retailers to create and sell products with instant appeal to targeted markets .
Product licensing involves the proper execution of our characters on the products packaging or product it self .

Merchandising exist in various forms. It includes the likes of character,personality,event and brand merchandising where in the names,characters, persons, events, artistic works,etc.are used in the promotion or sale of products and services . it normally involves the lisencing of trademarks and/or copyrights.

Character Lisencing brings in “better alternative products for the consumer” – and this remind the core objective of our business. Ordinary products transform into fun collectibles with our characters on it .

Our services include products concept and design, art bank library, 3D toy development, amongs others.